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What Mr. Steam Pathway Suits You Best?

Choice #1. The Interior Detailer

This is the least expensive way to start your own business. 
The equipment you’ll need to buy is under $3000 total and you’ll start doing complete interior details for $200-$250 per vehicle + tips ($70/hr).
With this service, customers don’t expect a big commercial vehicle to show up. You can use any personal vehicle but I do recommend vehicle decals.

Choice #2. The Economical Carpet Cleaner

This is a great way to start a carpet cleaning business without having to break the bank since you’re using your own vehicle (SUV or van preferred).
The equipment you’ll need to buy is under $5000 total and you’ll start doing carpet and upholstery jobs which pay around $100/hr.

With this service, customers do expect a commercial vehicle to show up. Typically carpet & upholstery cleaning companies do have work vans so you’ll have to be extra professional in all other areas of your business presentation (attitude, knowledge, uniform, business cards, etc.)

Choice #3. The Established Carpet Cleaner

This is usually the end goal for most people who open a Mr. Steam. You will aim to create the highest quality cleaning experience for your customers and are willing to make a substantial investment to make that happen. Equipment cost can range from $5000-$30,000 as you consider buying a Truck-mounted unit to speed up your job times. With this mounted equipment you’re able to reach higher hourly earnings, around $150-$200/hr.

You may also have enough demand to support multiple trucks and the hiring of employees. Though we generally recommend sticking to being owner-operated since you can make so much money without the headaches of dealing with employees, payroll compliance, HR, etc.

Your Business Will Evolve Over Time

Take Tom’s journey as an example (he even made a video for us).
He started cleaning cars part-time in his Honda Civic and continually reinvested a portion of his profits until he was able to buy a big work van. 
Everyone’s journey is different, what’s your story going to be? 

There's No Fee To Start A Mr. Steam

Unlike most franchises, there is no franchise fee to start. Bryce started Mr. Steam as a way to make entrepreneurship easier for people and to give people an opportunity to change their lives. He wants to help people who feel trapped by their 9-5 job and is using the carpet cleaning industry to accomplish that. 

Bryce continues to run his own Mr. Steam in Calgary, but needs to dedicate around 20-40 hours a week to the Mr. Steam brand. This involves supporting franchisees, improving our website design and continually producing new marketing material for everyone to post on their social media. 

To support this necessary work, there is a 10% royalty on sales. If you were to hire someone to do all of this work for you, it would cost thousands of dollars per month because you would need to hire a business coach, web designer and social media manger. Instead, Bryce is able to provide these services to every Mr. Steam franchisee at a fraction of the cost because anything he creates for 1 location can be used for all locations.

Check out any of our current Mr. Steam locations on Google. You’ll see that the marketing content is similar across of them because everything created for 1 Mr. Steam is copy and pasted for the rest of the group! 

It’s a really smart way for us to gain a competitive advantage over companies that are trying to do everything solo.

Current Locations

Only 1 Mr. Steam is allowed per city and must be owned by a local entrepreneur

Calgary, Alberta
Chestermere, Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta
Leduc, Alberta
Lethbridge, Alberta
Cold Lake, Alberta
Trail, British Columbia
Swift Current, Saskatchewan
Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
Peterborough, Ontario
Kitchener, Ontario
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Quebec City, Quebec

Durham, North Carolina
Clearwater, Florida
Detroit, Michigan

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Want to chat? Bryce’s number is (403) 702-6317, or email

Note – we are not franchising in the following states: California, Hawaii, North Dakota, Minnesota, New York, Rhode Island and Utah.